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  Spud Dobber needed a mouth! You can change the color of the teeth and gums easily. Not anatomically correct and not to scale 🙂! Loading...   Enjoy!

Spud Dobber: Pt 2

Spud Dobber: Pt 1

Cartoon Eye.blend

  I needed an eye for a character in the upcoming Grand Race film so here is my eye: Loading...   Enjoy - Eye keep an eye open for - comments?? Don't have anything to say - just wanted to include a joke!

Elf - Speed Sculpt

  I recently was given a stylus and decided to try it out! I used RealVNC ( to mirror my Laptop to my IPad so that I could use the stylus. I need to admit that I am still faster with a mouse, and I did still use it a lot! Though I am not an expert, I think the pressure sensitivity was working... but I am not sure! The stylus is definitely not a replacement to a mouse - but it does have some uses. The elf - or whatever you want to call it - was a bit random but you can find him on Gumroad here:   Enjoy!